We believe in honouring service and history

Today’s servicemen and servicewomen are part of a continuous legacy of service that stretches from Gallipoli to Afghanistan and beyond.

For those who leave service there are numerous charities dedicated to the wellbeing of veterans and veteran families, and we are proud to support most through direct funding or support for their fundraising and community activities.
As well as being one of Australia’s biggest private financial donors to military charities the BrandNet Group has been at the forefront of sharing Australia’s proud military history and stories of service. We have worked with all Services to record significant events, such as the Operation SLIPPER welcome home, the International Fleet Review, Army’s Centenary and more.    

During the current ‘Centenary of the Great War 1914-1918’ we have supported commemorations with what is without doubt the most considered and historic commemorative offering ever created.  Every piece we have created has carried the sentiment and significance of the anniversaries we have remembered during the 2014-2018 centenary.  We have proudly and faithfully shared Australia’s journey from the onset of war; through the Gallipoli campaign; to the Western Front and Middle East and importantly, we have remembered our forebears who served on land, at sea and in the air. It is probably the biggest ever undertaking by a commemorative team - government or private - but it is one that we have been proud to deliver because this is the story of service. This collection alone has directly raised more than $400,000 for Soldier On and its work with younger veterans.

Our collections have helped thousands of veteran groups raise millions of dollars for their charities, especially through Anzac Day and Remembrance Day fundraising. 

Today’s veterans and families deserve community support and we are proud to do our bit to ensure our veteran charities can deliver services relevant to their members. Helping those who help others.